Special issue proposal

International journal of biology and nanobiomaterials calls for special issues to focus on current trends in specific fields of research. It is to enhance effective understanding of specific scientific topics, to help solve the existing problems and to motivate the significance of research as well. Special issues are offered to scientists who are experts in the specific fields of research. Also, they can function as guest editors for that particular special issue.

We welcome special issue proposals throughout the year and we publish as soon as guest editor’s revised final versions of the manuscripts are received at the journal editorial office. Special issue topics may cover all areas of biological sciences and nanobiomaterials, and could be any type of articles including research papers, short communications or review papers. Special issue organizers may extend time duration depending on the performance.

A proposal should include:

  • Guest editor’s list of publications with curriculum vitae (the chief guest editor may invite up to 3 co-editors to manage the special issue)
  • One page proposal including research title aims and scope overview of the special issue topic.
  • An estimated number of articles to be published and if possible, list of potential authors and titles of manuscripts.
  • Tentative time frame for submissions and publication.

Special issue papers are invited and submitted to open access bases. The chief guest editors are responsible for reviewing of the special issue papers and should submit the final versions to the journal editorial office for publication.