International Journal of Biology and Nanobiomaterials1 (01), 2021,pp.48-57

Original Article

Isolation and characterization of dyeeffluent discoloration bacteria from industrial wastewater

Karpagam, S *
Department of Biotechnology, Sri Ganesh College of Arts and Science, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India


Article history:

Received 05 October 2021
Revised 01 November 2021
Accepted 10 November 2021
Available online 12 November 2021


Bacterial consortiumDecolorization
Textile effluents
Vigna radiate


The worldwide rapidly developing in industrialization and urbanization have been leads to discharge of effluents and wastewater that causing of environmental pollution and hazardous to the aquatic animals. In moreover, major industrial effluents of different dye concentration hugely affected to agriculture soil and ground water. Bioremediation is the major key to treatment of wastewater and ecofriendly achievement. In this method effectively removal of dye effluents that are involved heterologous biological compounds. In the present study focused on the industrial effluents decolorization by used potential bacterial consortiumof two bacterial strains such as Bacillussp and Pseudomonas sp. The bacterial strains were isolated from industrial wastewater. Suitable decolorization was observed at 37° C for 15 days incubation to be conformed UV–Vis analysis. In furthermore, the decolorized end product was performed phytotoxicity assessment using of Vignaradiata seeds which evaluated toxicity of decolorized end product of wastewater.